Violence at football match in Argentina leaves 1 dead

by Anadolu Agency


At least one person died during the unrest between police and football fans near a Buenos Aires stadium, authorities said on Thursday.

The match between Boca Juniors and Gimnasia y Esgrima was postponed over the incidents in which over 100 people were reportedly injured.

Sergio Berni, the security minister of the Buenos Aires province, told local media that many fans tried to enter the stadium by force, and incidents broke out between the police and fans around the Juan Carmelo Zerillo stadium.

Berni said a 57-year-old former football player, Cesar Gustavo Regueiro, had a heart attack while leaving the stadium and died before reaching the hospital.

The referee, Hernan Mastrangelo, postponed the match nine minutes into it for security purposes.

The images from the stadium showed many fans and some football players affected by the pepper gas thrown off the field.

Last week, at least 131 people were killed at an Indonesian football stadium when police used tear gas to disperse fights.

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