Türkiye rescues Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship after receiving distress signal

by Anadolu Agency


The Turkish Coast Guard Command rescued a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship off the southern Turkish coast after receiving a distress signal, the National Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

“Marshall Islands-flagged cargo carrier ‘Paola Topic’ sent out a distress call off the coast of Kas district on Sept.19, 2022, about 100 nautical miles south of Kas (district),” the ministry wrote on Twitter.

The whereabouts of the ship were located by a drone.

“Goksu and Bafra (frigates) that were en route close to the location of the cargo ship, were dispatched to the scene,” it said.

“The merchant ship ‘Paola Topic’, which carries around 300 accident victims, was immediately transferred to Antalya by the Turkish Coast Guard,” it added.

No further information has been disclosed about why the ship sent a distress signal.

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