Turkish Red Crescent starts business for those voluntarily returning to Afghanistan

by Anadolu Agency


The Turkish Red Crescent helps Afghans who voluntarily returned to their countries from Türkiye find employment, thereby reducing the amount of immigration from Afghanistan, which has increased as a result of the socioeconomic issues that got worse after the Taliban took control of the country’s government.

Some work as barbers, carpenters, tailors, grocery store clerks, or welders. For many of these victims, the Turkish Red Crescent provided a means of support.

The Turkish Red Crescent Delegation in Afghanistan assists Afghans who wish to launch businesses in this and numerous other industries, enabling them to remain in and support their nation.

Afghans who desire assistance as part of the “Voluntary Return Support Project” run by the Turkish Red Crescent in Afghanistan must first travel there and submit an application to the ministry overseeing immigration and returns. Those who can prove that they returned to Afghanistan voluntarily ask for help from the Turkish Red Crescent Afghanistan Delegation in order to start a business under the direction of the ministry.

The effort, according to Farid Ahmed Ziya, head of the Turkish Red Crescent Delegation to Afghanistan, stopped a lot of people from emigrating.

Given their congested family structures, Ziya, who claimed that they have so far established 65 small companies in the capital city of the pilot region, said that they provide a source of income for thousands of individuals.

“We were able to connect with many families as a result of this effort. As an outcome, we were able to give thousands of individuals a means of subsistence. With the help of the comments we got from the field, our project also served to deter irregular migration. We procure all the materials needed when opening a shop from local markets. We contribute to Afghanistan’s economy by generating income,” Ziya said.

Sacide Emir, the beneficiary who is 42 years old, currently co-runs the tailor store she established with the help of the Turkish Red Crescent three years ago with her daughters.

The assistance of the Turkish Red Crescent, according to Emir, whose business in Kabul’s Kale-i Gazi neighborhood also offers traditional Afghan clothing, has allowed her to provide for her family of seven.

Emir claimed that after residing in Türkiye for a while, they were in distress because of their financial difficulties. She added that while in Türkiye, she was aware of the Turkish Red Crescent’s aforementioned project and so returned to Afghanistan voluntarily.

Israr Ahmed, 30, on the other hand, claimed that after spending two and a half years in Türkiye, he returned to Afghanistan when he learned about the project.

Ahmed praised the Turkish Red Crescent for enabling him to stand on his own feet, claiming that they helped him operate a barbershop in the Kabul area.

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