Turken Foundation USA Chairman Behram Turan owns multiple 7-11’s with Gulen movement Supporters

by The Istanbul Post


Behram Turan, Turken Foundation USA chairman, a Turkish government own and opearated nonprofit register in the United States with IRS as 501(c)3.

Turken Foundation USA 990 form for 2018 filing, filled out on March 10, 2020 by Behram Turan, Turken Foundation USA collected $22.845 million dollars in donations. Donations are unknown where they have came from.

The Istanbul Post Investigation: 

Turan has purchased homes left and right on his block in New Jersey, house prices averaging between $500k – $1 million dollars.

One of Behram Turan 7-11’s in Cape Coral, Florida

Gulen supporter (L), Behram Turan (C), Gulen supporter (R)

Turan owns two car wash, gas station with 7-11 convenience stores in Cape Coral, Florida. In the picture we see Gulen Terrorist Organization (FETO) supporting members; ‘cousins’. Why is Turken Foundation USA, a Turkish government owned nonprofit chairman with Gulen members? Did Turan use Turken Foundation donations? Turken Foundation has been under FBI investigation multiple times, results are unknown.

The Istanbul Post has reached out to Turken Foundation USA, no comments yet.



Fethullahci Teror Orgutu, meaning “Fethullahist terror organization” (FETO): A name the Turkish government used for the Gulen movement.


The Gulen movement (Turkish: Gulen hareketi), referred to as Hizmet (Service) or Cemaat(Community) by its participants and as FETO (Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation or more commonly Fethullah Terrorist Organisation) (Turkish: Fethullahci Teror Orgutu), by the Government of Turkey after 2015, is a transnational socially conscious Islamic movement with political overtones and aspirations, inspired by the writings and preachings of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic preacher who has lived in the Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, United States since 1999.

The movement is designated as a terrorist organization by Turkey, Pakistan, and the GCC. Owing to the outlawed status of the Gulen movement in Turkey, some observers refer to the movement’s volunteers who are Turkish Muslims as effectively a sub-sect of Sunni Islam; these volunteers generally hold their religious tenets as generically Turkish Sunni Islam. The movement also includes participants from other nationalities and religious affiliations.

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