President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s New Year Message

by The Istanbul Post


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a new year message:

“My august nation, I greet you all from the bottom of my heart. While leaving behind yet another year, we are preparing to enter 2022 with the hope that it would be a more beautiful, more peaceful, more prosperous and a better year both for the humanity and our nation.

We see the turn of the Gregorian years as an occasion for introspection and soul-searching. First of all, I pray to the Lord in order for 2022 to lead to auspicious developments for the entire humanity along with our nation.


Just like the year before it, 2021, which we are about to leave behind, was also overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, we had to go through new or other ongoing troubles besides the pandemic this year such as disasters caused by climate change, tensions prompted by instabilities in various countries and bitter scenes brought about by perpetual migration waves.

As was the case with such instances as the 2008 financial crisis, the poor track record in crisis regions like Syria and Afghanistan or the shortcomings in the pandemic process, the global administrative and economic system was shaken to the core yet again last year. It became crystal clear in 2021 that the system of prosperity and security the developed countries established in the aftermath of the Second World War could no longer keep functioning in the face of the plight, misery, and the objection of the rest of the humanity.

As was put by Ziya Pasha, ‘That tiny intelligence need not get the point, That scale cannot carry this much weight.’ Indeed, it is an unobjectionable truth that countries which call themselves developed but have proved to be not so powerful in reality can no longer manage the crises facing the world. Against this global outlook, Turkey has positively distinguished itself with its successful performance in the face of security and health-related crises as well as political and social challenges.


Please remember that thanks to our timely measures and steps, we overcame all the problems that were related to masks and medical equipment in the initial phases of the pandemic, later on the issue of hospital beds and health services, and then the confusion about vaccines. Our City Hospitals have played an important role in the rendering of proper healthcare services during the pandemic. Thank Allah, we have developed our own vaccine TURKOVAC and thus erased all the question marks over the sustainability of the vaccine.


What is more, we have started a historic transformation in economy as well by launching a process of growth on the basis of investment, employment, production, exportation and current account surplus. We determinedly maintain this economic transformation, for which we have laid the groundwork with our projects and services in our country over the past 19 years. No doubt that new pains, troubles and costs have emerged in this process, too, as is the case with every historic transformation. However, we have already been prepared for such unexpected shocks because of the attacks the Turkish economy has long been coming under.

As such, we have put an end to the exchange rate fluctuations that have been incompatible with our country’s economic realities and growth by means of the measures package we have implemented within the framework of free market rules. Our goal is to make permanent the climate of stability and trust whereby our investors, manufacturers, businesses and citizens can see ahead and thus contribute the most to our economic thrust. We are determined to make sure that this climate of confidence and stability takes root despite all the malicious schemes hatched by some who have caused our citizens to lose significantly with the propaganda that the rise in exchange rates would not cease.

We have demonstrated that we stand by our employees with the historic raises we have introduced for minimum wage and salaries, by our manufacturers with the support we have provided for exports, and by our employers and workers with the incentives we have put in place for investments and employment. We will also uninterruptedly continue our fight against exorbitant price schemes prompted by the unbalanced rise in exchange rates as well as by the rise in global commodity prices. We are determined to make sure that Turkey becomes one of the top 10 economies in the world and achieves its goals.

We are well aware that behind the numerous incidents our country has been experiencing for some time in political, social, diplomatic, military and economic areas in a manner that is incompatible with the natural course of events lies the motive to deter our country from its goals. Every obstacle we overcome with the help of Allah and the support of our nation, every trap we foil and every dark scenario we rip apart brings us closer to a Turkey that is greater and more powerful.


The efforts of those, who in the past hindered our country by coalitions that became a symbol of political uncertainties as well as by coups, tutelages and deeper social fault lines, don’t work anymore. Turkey, which has come to be symbolized by the Presidential System of Government, continues its march without compromising on its will to determine its own future by itself on the pillars of strong democracy and development.

Our nation’s unwavering adherence to this will is the biggest obstacle in front of those whose only promise to our people is to ‘bring back the old Turkey.’ The 2023 goals, placing Turkey among the top 10 economies in the world, the great and powerful Turkey, and hand down the 2053 vision to next generations are our pledge to our nation.

We stand ready to walk with anyone that will share this vision with us and to vie with anyone that will compete against us.  2022 will inshallah become a year when we reach the secure, peaceful, happy and prosperous days which we dream of for all of our 84 million citizens. We are entering an era when the efforts we make as the nation, the projects and services we implement, the sacrifices we make and the sufferings we endure will amply pay off. We will be able to see this fact more clearly once we reach the centenary of our Republic.


In 2021, just like the earlier years, we undertook many works and attended many events both at home and abroad in order to make sure that our country achieves its goals. We paid a total of 34 visits to 26 cities inside Turkey, embracing our nation and inaugurating services and newly-built facilities.

Outside Turkey, we paid 14 visits to 13 different countries, holding talks that advanced our country’s rights and interests. Moreover, with our programs in Ankara and Istanbul, we carried out works to provide our nation with uninterrupted services.

We will continue to serve our country as long as my Lord keeps me alive and our nation gives us support. Before ending my remarks, I wish Allah’s mercy upon all our citizens who passed away in 2021 because of various reasons including the pandemic and natural disasters and upon all our heroes who walked to martyrdom defending the homeland.

We wish a healthy, happy and auspicious life with their parents and loved ones to all of our children who were born this year. I pray that the new year may bring peace and prosperity to our entire nation and the humanity and extend my affection and respects to you all. May peace be with you.”


Source: Directorate of Communications

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