Two Armenian sentenced for attacking Turkish restaurant in Beverly Hills

by The Istanbul Post


Two American citizens of Armenian descent who attacked a Turkish restaurant in Beverly Hills in 2020 were sentenced to prison and fined for committing a hate crime.

It ruled that one of the suspects, William Stepanyan, be sentenced to 5 years and Harutyun Harry Chalikyan to 15 months in prison. The two attackers were also ordered to pay approximately $21,000 in damages.

The court evaluated the incident as a “hate crime” due to the statements and actions of the attackers that insulted and targeted the Turks.

They had threatened on November 4, 2020, a damage of 20 thousand dollars occurred in a Turkish restaurant in Beverly Hills. There were some who were injured as a result of the attack.

‘One of the defendants asked the victims, ‘Are you Turkish?’ and shouted, ‘We came to kill you! We will kill you!'”.

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