Italian premier wants to increase country’s influence in Mediterranean

by Anadolu Agency


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Saturday that her government is steadfastly committed to enhancing its influence in the Mediterranean.

“We understand that building a shared space of wealth is the only way to effectively address pressing issues like climate change, food security, and health,” she said at the 8th MED Mediterranean Dialogue Forum in Rome, hosted by the Foreign Ministry and the Institute for International Political Studies.

Meloni said there should be “virtuous collaboration” between the European Union and African nations, adding that EU countries will not be prosperous unless their African neighbors are prosperous.

“As Italy, we have been saying for a while, we cannot handle this migration flow alone, it is at an unacceptable level. Since the beginning of 2022, 94,000 unauthorized migrants have entered Italy,” said Meloni.

Italy can act as a conduit for energy between the Mediterranean and Europe thanks to its geographic location, infrastructure, spirit of cooperation and the support of its businesses, she added.

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