Forest fire erupts in NE of Attica region, Greece

by Anadolu Agency


A wildfire broke out Tuesday afternoon in a forest in the Varybobi area in the northeast of Greece’s Attica region, spreading fast due to dry conditions in the area, the fire department said.

Despite the lack of strong winds, the fire-fighting forces were reinforced with additional personnel.

A total of 104 firefighters, including four teams on foot, 35 fire engines, a special fire brigade unit, five fire-fighting helicopters, and four aircraft along with local volunteers are battling the blazes.

Earlier, the Civil Protection Service sent a message to residents of Varybobi and Kryoneri and surrounding areas via the European emergency number 112, alerting them about the fire in the nearby forest and advising them to seal their chimneys, doors, and windows to prevent flaming cinders from entering their homes.

It also called on them to remain on alert for further instructions from the authorities.

Police forces have begun evacuating factories located in the industrial area where the fire is burning.

Power cuts were also reported in parts of Athens due to the damage to the energy lines in the region.

Mayor of Acharnes region Spyros Vrettos said flames reached the Varybobi area as some houses were on fire, calling for emergency help.

Meanwhile, forest fires were reported in Euboea, Messinia, Lakonia, and Kos island, and teams continued their efforts to put them out.

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