President Erdogan attends test drive of autonomous electric bus

by The Istanbul Post


President Erdogan became the first passenger of Karsan Otonom Atak Electric, the first mass-produced autonomous electric bus in Europe and America, produced by Turkish engineers.

Touring the Presidential Complex with the electric bus, which has “level 4 autonomous” features where the driver’s seat is empty, President Erdogan made examinations on the bus and received information from the manufacturers.

President Erdogan made a statement to the press after completing his tour by bus.

Stating that one of the ideal products of artificial intelligence was produced jointly by Karsan and ADASTEC, President Erdogan said they were pleased that the test drive was carried out at the Presidential Complex.

President Erdogan noted there was no sound in the 8-metre-long vehicle and that artificial intelligence was sensitive to pedestrians and all traffic signals.

“This is also the preliminary steps of clean energy”

Underlining that this was a proud occasion for Turkey, President Erdogan congratulated Karsan and ADASTEC. President Erdogan stated the following:

“With mass production, I believe that the name of our country and the names of our brands in this sector will be made known, I have no doubts about that. Everything is now transforming into electric. This is also the preliminary steps of clean energy. Because the world is moving towards clean energy. We will never fall behind in this matter, and we will take the necessary steps.”

Reminding that he had a meeting with the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, President Erdogan said that he told him that he was ready to discuss these issues.

Stating that Karsan and ADASTEC have shown an excellent example of solidarity, President Erdogan said, “I congratulate and wish them success. May it be auspicious for our country and our nation.”

“This is a first in our country. The fact that such a work has been created in our country has made us seriously happy. Hopefully, they will also begin mass production. I believe that, as the Presidency, to realize such an invention and action in our country and, of course, experience it on behalf of my country, my nation and all our industrialists, has given a different kind of joy personally and also to all our producers.”

Photo with company officials and engineers

After his statements, President Erdogan took a photo in front of the bus. Later, the authorities of the company and the engineers entered the photo frame.

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