Ali Baba Restaurant Distributes Turkey in New York City This Thanksgiving

by The Istanbul Post


Ali Baba Restaurant in Manhattan distributed meals this Thanksgiving to the less fortunate people passing by his store front, while New York Police Department (NYPD) also supported them.

While the police teams were distributing food, Ali Riza Dogan said to CBS  “We have traditional treats for Thanksgiving. We wanted to distribute this year’s treat in memory of our mother who passed away in the past months.

We organized an organization with my sister. The New York Police Department also supported us.” he said.

Ali Riza Dogan sister Lisa Mayisoglu, says, “We want to show that this is not a holiday, but rather a kindness. During the pandemic process, we have served the police organization and many other community members by our own means. My brother does this every year. We contributed to our family this year.” said.

NYPD thanks Ali Baba restaurant for his kindness for the community.

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