Everything burn in house fire but the Turkish flag did not burn

by The Istanbul Post

In the fire that started in Belen district and spread to Iskenderun and Arsuz districts on Friday and could be controlled on the second day, the Turkish flag in the house surrounded by flames did not burn.

The home owner, Ilhan Saydam, who was moved when he saw the flag, said, “I saw that our Turkish flags did not burn in so much fire despite the burning of everywhere. At that moment I saw once again that my homeland and nation were intact and nothing would wash us down.”

The house of Ilhan Saydam in the Karahuseyinli District of Arsuz was surrounded by flames and there were no unburnt objects left in it. The fact that the Turkish flag in Saydam’s bedside table drawer was not lit made those who saw it. Stating that the flames came suddenly and saw everything burned when he entered the house, Ilhan Saydam said, “We were grateful that we were alive at that moment. The thing that attracted my attention was that our flag did not burn even though everywhere was burning. It was standing in the drawer. “I saw once again that nothing will wash us out. I was very happy that our flag did not burn,” he said.

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