Trump arrives at the White House, takes off his mask

by The Istanbul Post


Marine One landed on the White House South Lawn at 6:53 p.m. Trump, again, did not stop and talk to reporters but made a dramatic return without speaking a word.

He, instead, walked up the steps of White House, faced the cameras and took off his mask — in an apparent effort to project strength and flout public health protocols as he continues to battle COVID-19. Trump also gave a thumbs up and an extended salute to Marine One, before walking inside the residence.

The president is returning to a White House plagued by COVID-19 as 18 people in Trump’s orbit have reported testing positive since last week.

Multiple White House sources told ABC News there is “a full-blown freak-out” in the administration waiting to see who will be next to test positive — with aides not trusting each other and some trying to find ways to avoid coming into work.

Source: The Istanbul Post with ABC

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