Donald Trump And His Wife Melania Trump Caught Coronavirus (COVID-19)

by The Istanbul Post


US President Donald Trump confirmed that his close advisor Hope Hicks was caught in a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), and announced that he and his wife, Melania Trump, had also been tested and were waiting for the results.

Trump announced that his wife Melania and his COVID-19 test results were positive in his post on the social networking site Twitter.

In the program of Sean Hannity, in which he participated on Fox television, Trump confirmed the news in the press that Hicks was caught COVID-19.

Stating that he and his wife Melania Trump were in close contact with Hicks, Trump said, “Hope was always wearing a mask, but his test was positive. I just got tested, Melania also got it. I don’t know if we’re going to quarantine or if we’ve gotten the virus. We’ll see what happens. ” he used the expressions.

Trump Will Be in Quarantine:

US President Trump announced that after his advisor Hope Hicks caught COVID-19, he and his wife Melania Trump will begin the quarantine process while awaiting the test results.

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