Disney To Layoff 28,000 Employees

by The Istanbul Post


The long-term closure of Disney’s California based theme parks due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and limited visits to open parks pushed the company to reduce the number of employees.

Disney Parks manager Josh D’Amaro, in a message he shared with the employees on the subject, said that approximately 67 percent of the 28,000 layoffs will be part-time employees. 

In the message shared by the American broadcaster CNBC, D’Amaro said, “As you can imagine, a decision of this size is not easy.” found the assessment.

Stating that the management has been working to avoid layoffs for the last few months, D’Amaro said, “We reduced expenses, suspended capital projects, took our cast members on unpaid leave while continuing with support payments, and changed our operations to work as efficiently as possible, but we cannot maintain a full staff while working in such limited capacity”  said.

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