Pakistan Allows To Resume International Flights


Pakistan announced Friday it would allow international and domestic flights beginning Sunday, after the country’s coronavirus cases declined, according to officials.

“The government has allowed all types of International and Domestic Flight Operations to/ from all airports across Pakistan as per authorization granted to all foreign and domestic operators PRE-COVID-I9 Summer schedule 2020, including cargo and special flight operations with effect from Aug. 9,” Aviation authorities said.

Operations shall be conducted in accordance with established guidelines and Standard Operation Procedures as issued from time to time, the aviation Ministry said in a statement.

The government suspended all international and domestic flights in March after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Since June, new cases in Pakistan have declined after the government adopted a smart lockdown strategy and closed 20 hotspots in big cities.

Pakistan recorded 782 new cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of cases to 282,645, according to health officials.

With 17 additional fatalities, the deaths toll was raised to 6,052 while 258,099 patients have recovered.

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