The Final Steps

by The Istanbul Post


There is such a chess on the WORLD that it is not easy to explain or even see with normal mind. Two big structures, two big players will now show their full strength. Although we could not see the rhythm of the struggle with the naked eye, it was very, very intensely … Let’s open by opening … New World Order or One World Order … This is how we can explain the plans of the Deep America and the Rothschild family. This is the definition of struggle! There is no more hidden side anymore. The Rothschild family wants a system in which no London-based country will be a superpower, but countries such as China, Russia, France, and Germany will have upper-middle power.

This is a new step!
This is a new account, a new system! The black uprising that started in the United States is seen as a fragment of the disintegration process, although no one agrees. The whole United States seems to be caught in a storm … Like flying leaves … Everywhere a problem emerges. What is clear is that London showed the power of uprising. And very strongly … Today the Rothschild family has reached the power to separate at least 15 states from the United States. The disintegration of the USA means the disintegration of Deep America. This is CLEAR! The Rothschild family does not want to leave the last possibility again. He knows that he can manage the USA, which is not dispersed but losing power, over London territory. So now things will slow down a bit. He managed to implement his family plans very, very well. An almost impeccable uprising power has been demonstrated. Roughly what is going on from the FAMILY window … Also wanted … Let’s look at the reverse of the coin … Deep America does not respond to riots. Even if the streets are mixed, there is no harsh response. If they want, they can suppress the uprising in a few days. But he wants to test the influence of the Rothschild family on the United States. He wants to see which states are active in which states and which states are ineffective. In fact, it was understood in which states and how the family’s power was. On the street, both powers nudged each other … At least Deep America has now seen the steps taken by the FAMILY, DEEP LONDON. He knows what to do and what to do. Now the counter-attack of Deep America is expected. Some are WWIII. He thinks that the New World Order will be constructed with World War III. Some are WWIII. He thinks that World War III will cause great destruction and that there are still objections to this within Deep America. Both are TRUE!

Because World War III can cause unpredictable results. At the end of the war, the USA could lose great power. Likewise, the Rothschild family … Then unexpected countries may suddenly want to realize their own world order. For example, China. Still closed box. Nobody knows exactly what is going on in that country. What is his military strength? Are their weapons effective? How many intelligence agents do you have in which country? What is the active financial size of the Beijing administration? Now, without knowing the answer to these questions, China III. It wouldn’t be too smart for Washington to pull out to World War II. Even if you are not 100% sure, my step is not taken. Another example is from Germany. German BND, WWIII. The intelligence agency that started the preparations for World War II. The special operations unit that the CIA cannot enter is possible III. He is working on Germany after World War II. What if Germany is the only post-war superpower. Possibilities are now risky for Washington. Germany is a very important mind and experience. Although he lost two wars, he could be the winner of the battle he did NOT start, and could receive the rematch. It should not be underestimated the German mind at all. They are great players … Besides, there are huge domains in the USA too!

When the Iraq operation decision was taken in the past, its effect and risk were known. The most negative scenario took place in Iraq, but Washington is still strong. However, III. If the most unfavorable scenario for Washington occurs in World War II, there is no single skyscraper in New York. The Pentagon knows this possibility, of course. The recovery after coronavirus seems to be faster than expected. Reports show this. Deep America did not want this. Major economic chaos was expected to remain for several years. Some countries have started to recover especially in heavy industry. There are some issues in which the destructive effects of coronavirus suggest recovery at the same pace. Therefore, III. World War II bells began to ring. III. World War cannot be the mere decision of Deep America. Businessmen who support Deep America should say ‘yes’ to this. However, when we look at the number of American businessmen who want war does not exceed 10. These businessmen are also big shareholders of arms companies. So it’s a very selfish plan. Deep America sees all the possibilities as it sees this. III. It focuses on a plan that will leave the possibility of World War II on the sidelines, but will further expand the hole that Coronavirus opened. This is the political vacuum in many countries. Countries with a political vacuum must knock on the door of Deep America. Because the army of many countries is still full of names trained in American military schools. As long as this happens, NATO remains strong. As long as NATO remains strong, Deep America has a say in every army. Today, very important generals in the British, French, German or Italian army are attached to Washington. It’s been like this for over 50 years. II. One of the reasons for the world war was the establishment of NATO. Does Washington leave this power on the sidelines now?

Of course it doesn’t. For the final exit before the war, NATO and its extensions will come into play. Stones will be laid on the road leading up to the war … It will be understood who will win and lose when the road is completed … After that, the flood … This is where the actions that started for George Floyd will come … Whereas the streets against RACISM were out! There is nothing in common between the apparent purpose and the DEEP purpose! This is not what the masses do not see … It always happens … Let’s see what we will see … When the neck is over, we will see it in the net … NET!

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